What is PiYo?
PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity body-transformation program. It uses
the most effective Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves set to a fast pace to help you burn fat while you sculpt long, lean muscles.
You’ll carve every inch of your body without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. And rest assured, there’s no complex choreography to learn. Chalene Johnson takes you step-by-step through the moves where you’ll use your body weight to lose weight and get intensely defined! You get your strength, your cardio, and your flexibility training all in one program.

Why is PiYo effective?
PiYo delivers the muscle-sculpting, core-focused benefits of Pilates along with the flexibility and power of yoga. PiYo’s low-impact compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at the same time—while keeping your body in constant motion. As you progress from one fluid movement to the next without rest, you’ll maintain an optimal heart rate to incinerate calories throughout the whole workout!

What makes PiYo unique?
Benefits of Pilates, yoga, and cardio—all in one!
• It’s an authentic, incredibly effective body-transformation program that combines Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves, all set to a faster pace, so you get your strength, flexibility, and cardio all in each workout. PiYo delivers the long, lean muscles and flat, toned abs of Pilates, a firm butt and strong arms like you’d get from yoga, and the weight-loss benefits of fat-burning cardio. The workouts take just 25–45 minutes each!

No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.
• You’ll get the results of an extreme program without weights or jumps. You won’t have to do the kinds of high-impact moves that can cause joint strain.
Ideal for any age, body type, or fitness level.
• Everyone—no matter what their fitness level—will lean out and tone up with PiYo. Beginners can follow the modifications demonstrated, and even super-fit athletes can use it to improve core strength and flexibility through the targeted Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves.

What’s included?
• 8 workouts on 3 DVDs (25–45 minutes each)
• 1 bonus workout (25 minutes)
• Quick Start Guide to help you start seeing results fast
• Get Lean Eating Plan to make clean eating fit into your lifestyle
• 60-Day Workout Calendar shows you what workouts to do when
• Tape measure to help track your progress
• Exclusive! As my customer, you will get a FREE bonus workout—Hardcore on the Floor (a $19.95 USD value)


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