Tips On Staying On Track And Surviving The Holidays

Christmas Woman. Beautiful New Year and Christmas Tree Holiday HFeeling excited for the holiday season that’s upon you but yet still anxious about what this may mean to your waistline? If you’re like most people, you move into the New Year with the resolution to lose weight, often feeling frustrated with yourself over the weight that you’ve gained over the last month.

This year, do something different. This isn’t the way this has to play out as long as you have a smart game plan on hand.

Here are some quick tips for staying on track and surviving the holiday season.

 Never Starve

First things first, never starve yourself going into a big meal. This is one of the worst things that you can do and will only set you up for a massive binge when that meal finally does come around.

Instead, eat light before any big event. Think a lean protein and vegetable based meal. This will calm hunger and keep your blood sugar levels under control – which is precisely what you need at this point in time.

Recognize Activity Opportunities

Second, makes sure you look for opportunities to be active. Remember that you don’t always have to exercise in the gym. Meet a friend for some window shopping rather than coffee or take the evening out to go tobogganing rather than watching TV at home.

You can fit in fitness this way and burn additional calories in the process.

Choose Your Treats Wisely

No one expects you to completely avoid all unhealthy foods over the holidays and it would be unrealistic to think you could do so.

Instead, choose your treats wisely. Only choose those that come around at this time of year. The chocolate bar on the table? Pass on that. Grandma’s special chocolate chip banana bread that only comes out twice a year – indulge in that.

Use this rule and you’ll keep your calorie intake in check.

So there you have three fast and easy tips to remember as you move through the holiday season. Always keep in mind that planning is key. If you go in with a game plan, you’ll far more likely to come out of the season with your diet and fitness intact.

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