Three Moves To Sculpt Your Booty

Cute women doing some squatsLooking to build a better backside? If so, you must understand which exercises to do. The workout program you perform will make all the difference when it comes to this goal, so make sure that you are doing things right.

Here are three great moves that you can do next time you hit the gym to help sculpt that backside.

Walking Lunges

For all around lower body building, the lunge can’t be beat. Not only will you hit the glute muscles, but you’ll work the hamstrings, quads, and even the core muscles to some degree as well.

As you do this one, make sure that you take slightly larger steps forward to place the most stress possible on the actual glute muscles.

If you step too close to the supporting leg, it’ll be predominantly a quad building exercise.

Full Squats

Next up on the list is the full squat. Full squats are another great all around exercise that will burn plenty of calories, getting you as lean as possible.

When doing this one, the most important point is that you squat as low down to the ground as possible. Don’t just go partway through the movement or you will be disappointed in the results that you see.

Your bum should come as close to the ground as possible.

Glute Kickbacks

Finally, the last exercise to consider doing is the glute kickback. To do this one, get down on all fours and then slowly lift one leg up behind you, extending the knee as you do.

Once fully extended, pause and then bring the knee back down to the ground. Repeat the process one more time through.

So there you have three excellent glute-building moves to try during your next workout. Do 10-15 reps of each, repeating for 2-3 sets and you’ll be seeing firming benefits in no time.

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