Pre And Post Workout Eating

Banana milk shake isolated on whiteAs you gear up to get going with your workout sessions, it’s vital that you think about what you’re eating both before as well as after that workout session.

While breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, don’t discount just how vital it is to eat right at this time as well.

Let’s look at what you should know to optimize these meals.

Pre Workout Fueling

The primary goal of your pre-workout meal is to fuel your body for the upcoming session. For this reason, you’ll want to eat a mix of protein and slower digesting carbohydrates, about 30-90 minutes prior to exercise depending on how well your body tolerates food at this time.

Keep fat lower at this meal as it could cause you to feel sluggish during the session at hand. Great options would be a grilled chicken breast with some brown rice or some white fish served with sweet potato.

If you’re short on time and eating about 30 minutes prior to the workout, you can also go for a protein shake with a banana on the go. These will digest slightly faster in the body, so will hit your system by the time you arrive at the gym.

Post Workout Recovery

Immediately after your workout is over, the primary goal is to replenish used muscle glycogen and provide the building blocks that your muscles will use to repair and rebuild the broken down tissues.

The best bet here? Once again, turn to protein and carbs. This time however, rather than slower digesting sources, you want to eat foods that are as quick to digest as possible.

This way, they’ll hit the blood stream rapidly. A good quality whey protein isolate is a perfect choice here paired with again a banana or some other fruit, along with a faster acting source of carbs such as sugary cereal or even low fat ice cream. I personally like to add my Shakeology at this time of the day.

This is the one point in the day when it is okay to eat foods that will spike blood glucose levels as that is actually the goal here.

So keep these quick tips in mind. Eat right before and after your workout and you can rest assured that all the effort you put in at the gym will be paying off in no time.

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