3 Ways To Firm And Tone Your Arms

Female Doing Shoulder Press
Looking to improve upon the definition of your arms? If so, you need to make sure that you have the right exercises in your workout protocol. Failing to target the main muscle groups properly would mean lackluster results, if you see any at all.

Far too many people just do cardio workout after cardio workout, hoping this will get them the results they desire. Sadly though, the real results come with strength training exercise.

Here are three moves you must be doing.

Shoulder Press

First, hit the shoulder press near the beginning of your workout using as much weight as you can comfortably do. This will help to firm all three heads of your shoulder muscle, giving you the definition you desire.

As an added bonus, by building up these muscles slightly, you’ll actually create the illusion of a slimmer waist as well.

Hammer Curl

 Next up, consider adding hammer curls to your upper body workout routine. These are going to help to shape and develop the peak of the bicep, giving you that fit and strong look.

Make sure to think of squeezing the bicep only as you lift the weight upwards. You don’t ever want to swing it up, allowing momentum to do the work for you.

Triangle Push-Ups

Finally, adding some triangle push-ups to your routine will hit your tricep muscles very well, while also developing your shoulders at the same time. Triangle push-ups are a more advanced move from a regular push-up, so do expect to perform a few less reps when first starting.

Keep working at it and you will see results coming in no time.

So as you head into your next workout, keep these three moves in mind. Add them in, three times per week, and you’ll seeing nicely shaped arms in a few weeks time.

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