5 Ways To Get More Hunger Busting Fiber Into Your Day

Bowl Of Fresh Mixed Berries And Yogurt

On a fat loss diet? If so, one of the key nutritional elements you need to make sure you’re getting into your daily plan is dietary fiber. Not only will dietary fiber help keep you regular and boost heart health, it’s also going to go a long way in keeping hunger lower as well.

With each dose of fiber you eat, food will break down and pass through your digestion tract slower, keeping you feeling fuller, longer.

Exactly what every dieter needs!

Getting in more fiber can feel like a challenge however, so let’s walk you through five simple ways to get more fiber into your day.

Toss blackberries over a bowl of Greek yogurt

Blackberries are one of the highest fiber containing berries, so will not only make this afternoon snack a sweet treat, but provide loads of antioxidants as well. At just over 50 calories per half cup, they’re an ideal choice for any dieter.

Stir All-Bran into a bowl of cooked oatmeal

While oatmeal is already quite high in fiber, you can supercharge it by stiring in a spoonful of all-bran into the mix. This will really bump the fiber content up for few calories.

Stir-fry More Often

Stir-fry’s are the perfect way to load up on fiber. Add broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, onions – any vegetable you desire. They’re a great low calorie fast meal option for dinner.

Snack on an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter

A perfect fiber-rich afternoon snack is an apple. Pectin, which is the fiber found in this fruit will keep hunger low for hours. Add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter for healthy fats and you’ll have a delicious snack that won’t make it feel like you’re dieting.

Swap out brown rice and opt for barley instead

Finally, consider swapping out brown rice for barley instead. Barley is much higher in fiber, so the superior choice here. And, you’ll barely notice the difference.

So don’t neglect fiber any longer. Build these techniques into your day and you’ll easily meet your requirements.

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